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Quality controll

Strict Quality Control

DAISOGEL is "Made of Japan", handcrafted by our dedicated manufacturing team in our Amagasaki factory.
Our primary product is bare silica gel, manufactured under ISO 9001 controlled conditions with the most advanced sol-gel method.
DAISOGEL bare silica gel products may be sold or moved to the second stage of manufacturing : the chemical surface modification of the silica gel.
These DAISOGEL bonded phase are manufactured in industry leading GMP compliant way.
The DAISO GMP system is based on ICH-Q7A. Our pride, the MS-1 silica modification plant has been audited by major multinational pharmaceutical companies.
The rigid manufacturing standards guarantee that only the highest quality products are delivered to our valued customers.
We have FDA DMF(Drug Master Files) registration for the best sold DAISOGEL phases as follows.

  • File #23227 for DAISOGEL ODS series
  • File #22317 for DAISOGEL C8 series
  • File #29201 for DAISOGEL C4 series

For the same phases Regulatory Support Files are available upon requests.

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