Creating a Better Future through Fine Chemicals
  • Long retention and high loadability
  • Superior performance for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds
  • Minimal silanol activity due to new proprietary endcapping technology

The DAISOGEL SP-100-ODS-P series represent a high performance ODS phase based on a new type of silica gel developed to show long peak retention and high loadability, caused by its exceptionally high surface area.The ODS bonding density is chosen with respect to optimal selectivity for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds, enabling even the use of 100% aqueous eluents. Our proprietary endcapping technology minimises residual silanol groups to an amount which is below the detectable level. Silanol groups have negative effects on peak symmetry, particularly in case of basic compounds, and on chemical phase robustness.
DAISOGEL SP-100-ODS-P series is available with particle sizes of 3, 5, 10 and 15 microns for both analytical as well as preparative applications.

Product names and properties
Pore Size (nm) Particle Size (um) Pore Volume (mL/g) Surface Area (m2/g) % of Carbon Minimum Lot (g)
SP-100-3-ODS-P 10 3 1.1 450 17 50
SP-100-5-ODS-P 10 5 1.1 450 17 50
SP-100-10-ODS-P 10 10 1.1 450 17 500
SP-100-15-ODS-P 10 15 1.1 450 17 500

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